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Manipal Assisted Reproduction Centre (MARC)

 First IVF Baby born in 1999

1990 was a special year as we established Manipal Assisted Reproduction Centre (MARC) at Kasturba Hospital, Manipal.

We did procedures like laparoscopy and assisted conception techniques like intrauterine insemination, sperm banking and various types of induction of ovulation to enhance fertility.

Later February 18th 1999 was a unique day for MARC (Manipal Assisted Reproduction Centre) of Kasturba Hospital, Manipal as it was the birth of Master Naman who was the first test tube baby of MARC. This procedure involves fertilization of the egg from the wife and the sperm of the husband outside the body and then the embryo is put into the womb of the woman to grow.

Manipal Assisted Reproduction Centre (MARC) have been offering a wide range of treatment programs for subfertile couples seeking assisted conception. It is backed by the experience of expert doctors and scientists who have taken specialized training abroad and have been working with subfertility problems since 1990. The pioneering technological improvements make MARC one of the most advanced centres for the treatment of infertility in India.


The centre has a fully equipped andrology laboratory for male subfertility evaluation and semen banking for short term and long term storage. Embryology laboratory with all modern facilities including micro manipulation is another highlight of the centre.

Manipal Assisted Reproduction centre has state of art technology in the management of most complex infertility issues
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MARC pursues research programmes through Division of Clinical Embryology for improving the quality of management of sub fertile couples. Research works on animal models are being carried out and this is one of the IVF centres in the country associated with a university medical college.